Lodge Information

Portland Masonic Lodge #55 A.F.& A.M.

Our Lodge has a very rich and long history in Masonry. J.B. Congle founded the Lodge in 1872, when Portland was a town of around 12,000. MWB Congle went on to serve as Grand Master of Oregon in 1874 and 1875. Many of the eminent business leaders of Portland have been members and Masters of our Lodge, including H.L Pittock, a paper magnate and publisher or The Oregonian. Our Lodge has produced 10 Grand Masters of Oregon and the current Supreme Inspector General of Oregon, WB Gary Kuney, is a past master of our Lodge.

Our first meeting was held in the Masonic Hall located at Front and Burnside Streets. The Lodge has inhabited a number of homes, including the building that now houses the Portland Art Museum Annex on the Park blocks. It moved to its current location in the historic Scottish Rite building at 15th and Yamhill in the 1980s.

Our members have always prided themselves in doing good Masonic ritual and have also been very active in Scottish Rite degree work. In addition to WB Kuney, our lodge has provided Masters and Directors of many of the Scottish Rite degrees, including Masters of the 18th and 32nd in the past 10 years.

Historically, the focus of the Lodge has changed to meet the demands of our members. During the ‘70s and ‘80s the Lodge had a larger social element than it does today, as did most fraternal organizations during that time period. In the ‘90s and into 2000s, the Lodge became more interested in exploring the ritual, tradition, history and symbolism of Freemasonry.

Today, we continue that focus: attracting young men living in the Portland who want Masonic substance, but also want to meet other young men with a common interest in Masonry. In 2013, our Lodge will have 4-5 general meetings that include lectures and discussions on Masonry, more opportunities to meet other lodge members and to work together in the community.

Our Lodge works closely with Research Lodge #198 and Esoterika Lodge #227 (founded by Portland Lodge #55 member WB Bob Fountain) which also meet at the Scottish Rite, both of whom provide different Masonic experiences. Our goal is to increase the number of good men, young and old, who want to have meaningful Masonic experiences.


Portland Lodge #55 will exemplify and promote fundamental principles of Freemasonry, Brotherly Love and Truth, to all men and Brothers at all times, in and out of the Lodge Room. The Lodge will also engage in activities that are noteworthy, bringing acclaim from the Masonic Community as well as the general Community.


Portland Lodge #55 will exist in the future as a healthy, financially sound, Masonic Lodge with a continuing Officer Line and stable interested membership.  It will have conducted itself in a positive and progressive manner that has assured its continuance, for years to come, by concerning itself with the improvement and well being of its members, other Masonic bodies, the local community and the Grand Loge of Oregon.